Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Where've I Been?

So I know I've been somewhat inconsistent in posting lately. It's one of those things - every job has had a push time, and this is one for us. The LDS Church holds a world-wide general conference every 6 months - leaders from the Church meet and give sermons twice a day, two hours per session, Saturday and Sunday. For, this is the web equivalent to Christmas and Easter combined.

Coming into the October conference (this weekend), we've been working through a series of stability issues. That means pulling some all-nighters (literally - I came home yesterday as my son was getting up for school) to drive load when the site isn't utilized.

Test has been involved primarily as helping generate test load against the servers. It's an interesting challenge - who ultimately owns 'quality' on a web site? Test? Operations? Test is responsible for the applications coded, whereas Ops is responsible for the configuration and maintenance of the servers. The good news is, at the Church we all pitch in and work together to get through this kind of thing.

So that's where I've been. Hope to get back to my posting about quality - what is it, how does it happen - very soon. Meanwhile, catch some rest for me too, OK?

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