Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blitz Blog: Persistent Quality Assurance

This is a blitz blog – quick, to the point, and hopefully helpful. Topic: persistence.

My wife has a cat (a HUGE cat, although my aspiring veterinarian son tells us she’s a ragamuffin breed, which is ‘big boned’ by nature). This cat I do not like. Don’t know why, but we’ve never really gotten along. But lately, she’s really been trying. She comes into my office, right next to my desk, lays down, rolls over, and just purrs. All the while, she looks right at me with the kindest, happiest look on her face. Finally, I give up and pet her.

Can we learn from the big cat? When we want something, can we be pleasantly persistent, just waiting patiently for the attention we’re looking for? I can look back on my career and see many times where some pleasant persistence might have paid off better than being a bit more forceful).

I’ve been reading “Fearless Change” and have found the message in this book to be the same persistent patience that our cat is demonstrating.


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